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Scott Social Media Means Data

Scott Social Media uses data and powerful content as the driving force behind assisting clients in their marketing to deliver superior client revenue growth.

Our business model for our clients is two fold. We provide our clients and participants in their industry with actionable data to assist in decision making on their marketing spend. We also provide clients with the tools to connect with their clients through the use of quality content.

Through our annual Scott Social Media industry professional surveys we collect data and aggregate that data to share summary information about advertising spend online whether that be internally or externally for a comparison with other professionals in their industry. Participants in our annual surveys receive a copy of the survey summary data to assist in their decision making process and help them to better spend their marketing dollars.

To participate in our active industry surveys please email our team at

Experience Means Great Content

With nearly twenty years of web development experience, Scott Social Media also understands how it all comes together with content. Social media is only one part of the puzzle for our clients. We see the big picture that includes traditional and online, but choose to focus on the content messaging that our clients deliver to current and potential customers. It is with this in mind that we strive daily to improve every aspect of their businesses.

With great content in mind we turn to great creative minds to produce the best editorial, photography, and videography available. We know that great editorial, photography, and videography starts with great ideas. Our priority is finding the best talent to help our clients deliver a message that is crisp and clear. Our clients trust us to bring them top tier content to drive their business.

Editorial and Videography are King

Editorial in the online community is king. Great written content creates a very powerful impact online. It drives clients to make better decisions. Builds brand loyalty. Increases search ranking. Most of all it creates clients for life. Our clients trust us to bring the relationship building content necessary for today, tomorrow, and beyond.

Videography is the icing on the cake. Our image experts create experiences that set our clients apart. Although we do have the occasional client who opts to not take advantage of our experiential experts, it is a true rare situation. Our clients see the value that great photographs and video bring to their clients. Because media is becoming more and more of the influencing factor in many decisions, our videography team produces the results to ensure you are the final solution for your target audience. We know that relationships are formed in minutes and we want those minutes to be powerful for our clients as they connect with their customers.

Relationship is Everything

Beyond all of this great content, we know that our clients need the infrastructure to operate this great content day to day. We also recognize the desire to have one key marketing partner for all your media and messaging. As that trusted partner we offer these services to our clients at very minimal cost. Rather than live in the status quo, we recognize that without the connections and platform in place our clients won’t be able to share their story.

Our clients enjoy the fact that their relationship includes a custom website with social media sites on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google+ with distribution of their content across their entire web presence. Their relationship package also includes updated profiles on Google, Bing, and Yahoo that connect to their dedicated industry focused site. Because we include the website and social media sites, our clients enjoy an amazing value for their money.

Consequently through actionable information and great content delivered seamlessly across a custom online platform we create organic business growth. Due to this our clients win long term relationships over and over.

We are Scott Social Media. Creating dreams, revenue, and success through the effective use of social media one relationship at a time. Contact us to activate one of our packages starting at less than the cost of a full time employee. Each package includes custom web development and marketing services that capitalizes on our professional grade editorial and videography. All that expertise is supported by client relationship managers who have been dealing with executives from every industry segment. Schedule an appointment today.  To schedule your free 45 minute consultation go to Contact Us.

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