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Contact Scott Social Media today. Take advantage of one of our custom social media marketing packages by scheduling a free consultation. We have packages starting as low as $69 per month for those who wish to begin their social media journey. Due to their success with us our average clients invest in our gold or platinum packages to exponentially compound their growth. We offer one time event packages with a one time negotiated contract. In addition, our discount video packages start at $149 per month so you can take advantage of our high quality video team. To order online schedule a free consultation.

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Remember that your social media message is only as good as the team who produced it . Rather than no social media message, let us help you develop your brand.

With a short call we can help you see the light at the end of the social media tunnel much as we have done for others. With a dedicated website we can ensure you have one landing location for tracking. While custom Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google+ pages created by our team you can distribute your content. With custom profiles on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and dedicated industry focused sites you can expand your footprint. Mass distribution online of your custom created editorial and videographic messages will increase your exposure therefore growing your revenue. Because the websites and social media sites are included, we are able to offer a great customized value for your money.

In conclusion, take marketing to the next level at an economic price today by reaching out to our team. Get access to our online transparent pricing so you can consequently build and grow your social media footprint.  Schedule a free 45 minute consultation today by going to

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